Embodied Thriving Group Coaching Program 
with UZAZU Founder & Embodiment Coach Dylan Newcomb
A 6-Month Program, running May, June, July, (August break), September, October, November, 2021

This highly experiential & relational Group Coaching Program is designed with a complementary set of embodied & integrative formats to help give you the optimal learning, practice, and deeper re-patterning that will most help YOU to grow & thrive.

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What benefits me most is the enormous space Dylan creates in which every aspect of Self is honored and valued and then can be explored from that space. Dylan is very gifted in meeting you where you are, fully honoring that, and then working from there to whatever naturally reveals itself to be seen and included.
The breakthroughs I had in a very short period are: 
- The release of an enormous invisible load of family energies I wasn’t even aware of I was carrying with me at all. 
- The many doors that suddenly stood open which I stepped through easily in the sense of changing habits: I meditate everyday, I run (almost) everyday, I go to sleep early and go up early, I do not watch tv before going to sleep, I only do Facebook an hour a day, and I quit drinking wine habitually with my diner every evening. 
- I now deeply experience myself and life as being a Whole and look from that wholeness to the different situations, challenges and areas of my life.
- I understand much deeper the way I am walking and the direction it takes. That gives a deeper trust and focus at the same time. 
- Almost forgot! I launched my business with great confidence: Transforming Self and Society – The Social Artist’s Way.

Judith Minnema -
Social Artist, Transformation Facilitator

For me, committing the time was a concern. I'm so busy, and wasn't sure what the real value would be. Taking my challenges and putting them into my body was a completely new way of relating to them. Once I did this, with Dylan’s guidance, I had new, incredibly useful perspectives available to me. 

 One pair of movements clearly showed me that to be a better leader was not in the traditional way we think of leading, but rather listening more clearly. This changed my perspective and solved a huge problem I was facing. 

 Another huge outcome was a movement that helped me feel presence and clarity while in the middle of a lot of chaos. It's hard to describe, but I left the session feeling empowered and clear, and that feeling has stayed since the session weeks ago. There is nothing else like it. We are very much lost in "mind-stuff" these days and getting into movement in this context is unlike anything I've seen out there. It's powerful stuff! I deeply appreciate the skill and presence of Dylan. He’s a master at what he does.”

Rob Scott -
Life Coach & Marketer

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A 90-minute Bi-Weekly State-Training Class, to help you access and embody that state more & more optimally, and interactively help you explore how best to integrate and synergize that embodied state into your daily life, in the ways that will be most helpful for YOU.

A 90-minute Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Session focused on helping you directly with YOUR specific current issues, topics, and questions. After a short collective check-in and embodied warm-up, Dylan works 1-1 with members' specific issues, in laser-focused mini-sessions, ranging about 15-30 minutes per person

Weekly Personal Practice-Pod Meetings where you can be part of a small Pod Groups of up to 4 people, and be given specific-yet-open-ended guidelines for how to practice together, as well as help provide support, accountability, and helpful feedback for each other.

A Weekly 30-minute Live, Guided UZAZU Practice with Dylan, ranging from the 8-Phase Developmental Flow, to Opposite State Integration, to Dynamic Relational Embodiment Practices, including more advanced practices not taught in the basic UZAZU trainings.

FULL ACCESS to video replays of all the online sessions (except the breakout groups) and all PDF handouts and "cheatsheets," for two years after the group coaching ends, in a private UZAZU online course area.

Two full years of access to the UZAZU online community of fellow 'embodiment journeyers' where you can ask questions & share your experiences.

Bonus: A 25% Discount on any further Private Coaching with Dylan, purchased during this 6-month period.

Bonus: Access to the full 6-hour UZAZU Personal Foundations Training, which gives you immediate access to training videos and handouts covering ALL the basics of UZAZU.